NuGet Blog Gets a Facelift

July 18, 2017

It’s been a long time coming, and today we are excited to announce some big changes coming to With almost 3 million monthly page views, is the gateway for .NET developers to find packages that accelerate their projects. However, as a package management website, so much more can be done. We decided to give a redesign and use it as a platform to build out new functionality. We’ve already begun to pull in a couple of new features, and have a bunch in the pipeline or planned for the future. In this post, we’ll discuss 3 things: [...]


NuGet Package Identity and Trust

April 17, 2017

Update on 10/16/2017: Package ID Prefix Reservation is now live. The documentation can be found here. We want to start this post with a huge thanks to you, the NuGet community. Over the last several months we have been talking to many of you to get feedback on NuGet package identity and trust. We’ve learned so much from you and we hope that what we have planned addresses some of the top concerns you have expressed to us. One of the recurring messages we heard from you is that it is difficult to determine the origin of a package. More [...]


NuGet is now fully integrated into MSBuild

March 16, 2017

In the past, NuGet packages were managed in two different ways - packages.config and project.json - each with their own sets of advantages and limitations. With Visual Studio 2017 and .NET Core, we have improved the NuGet package management experience by introducing the PackageReference feature in MSBuild. PackageReference brings new and improved capabilities such as deep MSBuild integration, improved performance for everyday tasks such as install and restore, multi-targeting and more. Try out PackageReference today! To get a piece of the PackageReference goodness, download Visual Studio 2017 and create a .NET Standard class library or .NET Core project. These projects [...]


Announcing NuGet 4.0 RTM

March 08, 2017

Visual Studio 2017 comes with NuGet 4.0 which adds support for .NET Core, has a bunch of quality fixes and improves performance. This release also brings several improvements like support for PackageReference, NuGet commands as MSBuild targets, background package restores, and more. Downloads Visual Studio 2017 RTM is available for download here. The NuGet Package Manager extension is already built-in, so you do not have to install or update it. NuGet.exe 4.0 is also available for download as a separate component, here. NuGet Package Manager Extension in Visual Studio 2017 Starting with NuGet 4.0 in Visual Studio 2017, the NuGet [...]


Introducing scoped API keys

February 02, 2017

Update 2/14 (05:00 PM PST): This feature is now live! Login to your nuget account and expand the API Keys section to see the new experience. Since last year, we have been working on several fronts to advance NuGet as a secure environment for package distribution. This post describes an experience that will allow you to have better control of API keys that you use to push packages. Please note that this experience is currently only available on our staging environment and will be deployed to once we have incorporated your feedback, as described below. Feature summary This feature [...]


NuGet - Ending Windows XP support

January 19, 2017

At NuGet, we are constantly improving our security. One of the steps we are taking is to move our HTTPS end points to meet industry standards for algorithms and protocols. This means that connecting to services from machines that don’t support modern cipher algorithms will no longer be supported (such as TLS 1.0 support in Windows XP). Windows XP reached end of OS support on April 8, 2014, and does not meet this minimum requirement. Therefore, we plan to end NuGet support for Windows XP on April 8, 2017. After support is discontinued, you will no longer be able [...]


Improving the NuGet documentation experience on

January 12, 2017

In late 2016, we started on the journey of improving the docs experience for NuGet with the revamped docs experience. Continuing that journey, today we are announcing the move to Given how NuGet has grown to become an integral part of the Visual Studio and .NET ecosystems, this move furthers the integration by providing a seamless experience to navigate documentation across .NET, Visual Studio and NuGet. This move also brings several improvements such as: Responsive design supporting multiple form-factors such as mobile devices, tablets, and PCs. Adding side-notes for articles Adding comments as well as subscribing to them Viewing [...]


NuGet.Server 2.11.3 now available

December 21, 2016

Today we are releasing an update to the NuGet.Server package. The purpose of this update is to address a bug that enabled NuGet.Server to be installed on projects that target .NET Framework versions less than 4.6. Issue addressed Previously, there was a bug in NuGet.Server 2.11.2 (3257, 3406) that incorrectly considered the package to be compatible with projects that target .NET Framework prior to 4.6. Upon installing the package, the build would fail due to a missing NuGet.Server reference. With this update, users will not be able to install NuGet.Server with incompatible projects. Try it out! This update of the [...]


Announcing NuGet 4.0 RC

November 21, 2016

NuGet 4.0 RC for Visual Studio 2017 is focused on adding support for .NET Core scenarios, addressing key customer feedback and improving performance in a variety of scenarios. This release brings several improvements like support for PackageReference, NuGet commands as MSBuild targets, background package restore, and more. This post gives an overview of the new features and improvements available in NuGet 4.0 RC. Downloads NuGet.exe 4.0 RC will be available for download very soon. This blog post will be updated and we’ll tweet about it at that time. NuGet Package Manager Extension in Visual Studio 2017 Starting with NuGet 4.0 [...]


Announcing NuGet 3.5 RTM

October 27, 2016

NuGet 3.5 RTM for Visual Studio 2015 and nuget.exe provide quality improvements, performance improvements, features and new target frameworks like netstandard and netcoreapp. Downloads All NuGet downloads are available on NuGet.exe 3.5 RTM is not marked as the latest yet in the download page or uploaded as a package, so your version of NuGet.exe will not update to 3.5 RTM if you are using the update -self switch. Over the next few weeks once we get some more real world usage of the tools, we will make this change. This blog post will be updated and tweet will be [...]