NuGet 3.4 Known Issues

April 05, 2016 by Jeffrey T. Fritz

After releasing the NuGet 3.4 version last week, the team quickly heard feedback around an issue that made the NuGet extension very difficult to use. There was a bug in the code that would prevent searching and installing of packages for some users. After some researching, the team has identified the scenario that causes this problem and has a work-around to report.

The key to this issue is in the NuGet configuration in Visual Studio. If you see this when you enter the Visual Studio Tools -> Options menu and choose NuGet Package Manager -> Package Sources

Our team has identified that this issue appears for developers who have never modified their personal NuGet.config file at %appdata%\nuget\nuget.config The install for the NuGet extension no longer inteprets default content for this file in memory. If you had not customized your NuGet sources, the new extension would not provide this default content in memory and lead to this scenario.

Fortunately, there is a simple work-around: delete the empty file on disk and restart Visual Studio 2015. This will trigger the NuGet extension to save a fresh copy of the default NuGet.config file, which should be the same as the one that was removed because the qualifying scenario is that it was never modified in the first place.

A fix? A Patch?

The team has identified a handful of issues that will be addressed with a patch tentatively labeled v3.4.2 on GitHub. Among these are:

  • NuGet clients ignore no_proxy setting
  • ‘All sources’ aggregate package source delivers duplicate entries
  • ‘All Sources’ delayed results are not merged with existing results
  • VS 2015 Update 2 package update hangs
  • Crash when browsing sources with incorrect icon URLs
  • FindPackagesById casing changes in 3.4.1 breaks Artifactory integration

The team has scheduled this 3.4.2 milestone for completion on April 9, and you should see it available for download either on the 9th or shortly after that.

We want to hear your feedback!

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