NuGet 3.2.1-RC and NuGet 2.9-RC released

October 12, 2015 by Jeffrey T. Fritz

Today we are releasing nuget.exe 3.2.1-RC and NuGet 2.9-RC. A number of issues were identified in both versions that prevented interoperability on Linux and OSX operating systems. We also made some fixes to 3.2 in order to reduce network utilization.


Below are the top highlights of these releases


  1. Now skipping interpreting nuspec documents that are not well formed
  2. Corrected an issue that prevented the NuGet extension from loading properly in Visual Studio 2013 Express
  3. Improved handling the /r/n characters during network communication from a non-Windows operating system

The complete 2.9 issue list is available in GitHub


  1. Corrected the casing of the NuGet.Config file being read. This fixes an issue for operating systems with case-sensitive filenames
  2. NuGet restore now ignores dnx projects (*.xproj) that should be processed with dnu
  3. Improved resource handling when interacting with v2 services
  4. Now updating csproj/vcxproj references properly when packages.config is updated
  5. Improved handling of packages in the local machine cache that may have gotten corrupted during download

The complete 3.2.1 issue list is available in GitHub

Download from

NuGet 3.2.1 extension for Visual Studio 2015

NuGet 3.2.1 command line

NuGet 2.9 extension for Visual Studio 2013

What’s next

We are working through a number of changes to the Visual Studio 2015 user interface and to improve the upload experience to the service in addition to reviewing your feedback and addressing any issues that are presented to us. Look for a follow-up blog post later this week discussing the planned NuGet User Interface improvements.

We want to hear your feedback!

We want NuGet to meet the evolving needs of our community. If you have comments or questions about this post, or want to discuss anything NuGet, open an issue on GitHub or mention @nuget in your tweets.

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